Amish Home Decor

If you've never been inside an Amish home you're probably wondering if, or how, they decorate their homes.

You might be surprised to learn that the variations and extent of their home decor is about as diverse as their various groups of people. You would find that no two communities will follow the same guidelines.

Depending on where you visit, you'll find their homes to be very plain with nothing more than a calendar and a clock on the wall. Their furniture will be absolutely plain with minimal decor items set on dressers. They believe a beautiful decorated room is an indication of a vain and proud heart.

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Other Amish groups allow elaborate displays of wall decor and anything that would add to the beauty and comfort of their home.

However, one thing they all have in common is that you will not find family photos, or any other photos for that matter, on their walls or in any other part of their home. They believe that this would violate the second commandment — "Thou shalt have no graven images." This is also the reason you'll very seldom find any figurines or statue type decor.

Your greatest surprise might be their deep admiration of all sorts of fancy and very beautiful dishes! This is one of the very few areas of their life where they have no guidelines or limitations. They are free to enjoy their pretty dishes guilt-free, without being perceived as proud. A beautiful dish of any kind, shape, or design is the most common gift item for many occasions among the young girls and women.

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Not surprisingly, to this day, I still have a great love for pretty dishes myself! Maybe that explains why my cabinets are filled with an over abundance of dishes! I promise, I'll part with some of them when I "get around to it!"

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