The Greater Inheritance

.… hundreds of thoughts raced wildly through my mind. Those thoughts soon gave way to tears as I considered all the hearts and family ties that would surely be broken because of our decision to do that which we sincerely believed to be our Lord’s leading.
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Gain an eye-opening view of the Amish culture, Amish lifestyle and religion as you read this true story of Mary’s Amish family's traumatic journey to the Truth.


Journey to the Truth

Mary had grown up a devout insider in the cloistered world of the Old Order Amish. Strictly abiding by the rules and regulations of the Amish church, it would not be until the light of God’s truth pierced through to the darkest regions of her soul that she would discover salvation through Christ alone.

Unable to remain in a religion that denied salvation by grace alone, Mary and her husband would pursue their newfound freedom in Christ. Rejected by those they loved most, and cut off from all earthly inheritance, would they continue to trust the One who promised to never leave them, nor forsake them? In the end, could they rejoice in a much greater inheritance?



“Mary’s writing skill is very, very good as she draws the reader into her difficult circumstance.”

- Thomas B. Clarke, author

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“This book is a great resource for those who live around the Amish and want to know how to reach them with the true Gospel.”

- P. Lebron


“I Give it 5 stars for content, honesty and good writing skills.”

- Missurah Mule


“The author has a great talent in relating her family's story”

- E. Burch